Little Museum

At Little Museum Petit Museu you will find a learning space for girls and boys. The aim is to offer families a wide range of workshops and activities in their free time, while meeting the needs and expectations of our most demanding audience, the little ones in the house.

Because learning by playing is more fun!

Come play!

Children's and family activities have a very varied program throughout the year that coincides with weekends and periods of school holidays.

Learning by playing is our motto and that is why we have prepared different workshops and leisure activities that have as a background the knowledge of Menorca, its history, art and local culture, as well as other universal themes such as gastronomy, beauty, health or sustainability, but also universal and ecosocial values in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda. For all these workshops the Museum has professionals according to the theme of the workshop.

Available activities

** We have accessibility services. See them here

Summer at the Museum!

Get to know the history of Menorca in a fun way: games, excursions to the beach, gymkhana and much more!

  • Summer school for boys and girls from 7 years old.

  • Regular school hours: 8:00 am to 2:30 pm

  • Limited places

The Museum's Summer School is an educational leisure activity that aims to make known the History of Menorca in a fun and attractive way, with workshops, activities that we will combine with outings to see places of interest (monuments, sites, museums, galleries ...) and also on the beach. It is designed especially for those curious children, who are interested in the why of things.

The Summer School takes place in the educational spaces of the Museum. Two outdoor playgrounds are also available. It is planned for 5 weeks (you can choose by weeks) within the month of July.

The theme is changing and varied and each year the activities are different, but always linked to the History of Menorca and topics related to games, traditions, customs, gastronomy, art, clothing, music, etc. And, how every year, we will create our own garden and market!

The Summer School complies with the regulations of leisure activities and aims to offer a proposal of quality educational leisure, with a diverse program with attractive and intellectually stimulating activities. It is carried out in collaboration with a pedagogical and recreational services company. It has a free time director and qualified monitors.

Attention: the month of May we open registrations!

Celebrate your birthday at the Museum!

Come celebrate your birthday with your friends! You can enjoy a gymkhana workshop in the rooms with costumes and animation.
Next, you will have a space to celebrate the birthday and blow out the candles on the cake!

  • Time availability: From Tuesday to Sunday during Museum hours (link to the web)

  • Approximate duration: 3 h (you can request activity or workshop that lasts 1.30 h).

  • Maximum capacity: 25 children (accompanied by at least 2 adults).

  • A ge: from 4 to 12 years old.

  • For more information: call the 971350955 or write to

Reservation of space and activities:

The space enabled for birthdays is the bar, although during the activity several spaces of the museum are visited.

The reservation of space and the activity have a cost (consult with the staff of the Museum). (link to Sol·licitud d'espais)

If you want to have fun with history, come to the playground!

During the tour of the exhibition halls, the first floor has a space where you can enjoy different games to learn about the history of Menorca in a very entertaining way.

We want to offer you a family experience that is enriching in every way, but we also want to enhance the imagination of the little ones through self-guided play: carry out a simulated archaeological excavation, participate in a board of corsairs and pirates or discover a hidden message possible in the Museum.

The rules of use of the play space are very simple: have a lot of fun, take care of the material and leave everything tidy so that other families can also enjoy it.