The Museum team is made up of public personnel with different professional profiles and with a great vocation for service. For the functions of room assistant and cleaning we collaborate with external companies.

The whole team is governed by the mission and objectives of the Museum, the general interest and social and environmental commitment. The purpose of our work is that your visit to the Museum, in its physical or digital space, is as comfortable as possible.

Carolina Desel Gonzalez


Carlos Ramis of Ayreflor Frontera


Mª Eugènia Sevilla Mercadal

Administrative Assistant

Montserrat Anglada Fontestad

Archaeologist and restorer. Responsible for activities and accessibility

Octavio Pons Machado

Archaeologist. Responsible for collections.

David Cabré Liñán

Anthropologist. Head of Education.

Alicia Ciudad Pérez de León

Restorer. Responsible for conservation, restoration and installations.

Jara Vicente Porrero

Restorer and art historian. Responsible for conservation and restoration.

Bàrbara Gálvez Gallardo

Attention to the visitor

Raquel del Rio Miranda

Attention to the visitor

Adela Roselló Batalla

Attention to the visitor

Miguel Vazquez Pons

Attention to the visitor

Nicolas John Denning

Room staff

Jaume Anglada Vinent

Room staff

Isabel Gregorio Melitón

Cleaning staff

Veronica Natividad Mena Sisalima

Cleaning staff