Unearthing the past. The archaeological excavations in Cornia Nou

This exhibition, which could already be seen at the Museu de Menorca in 2013, includes the most outstanding results of the excavations carried out in the Talayotic settlement of Cornia Nou (Maó) since 2007, by a team of archaeologists linked to the museum. The exhibition had to be dismantled from the Museum of Menorca due to the start of the works in this building. Its assembly in Ca n'Oliver will allow a greater number of people to enjoy it. This will increase the visibility of the Talayotic Menorca, allowing visitors to see a montage on the prehistory of Menorca. This initiative is in addition to the exhibition "L'illa dels talaiots", currently in the Museum of Menorca.

The objective is that, although the permanent exhibition of the Museum of Menorca is not temporarily visitable due to the works, Menorcans and visitors have the maximum number of resources to know the prehistoric heritage of Menorca, which is presented to the candidacy of UNESCO World Heritage.