The flavour of Menorca

The flavour of Menorca is a tribute to our gastronomy from its most historical and anthropological side, where the objects take center stage to tell small stories of our cuisine.

The itinerary proposes us to enter a kitchen and a pantry where the moorings and products with which we cook are shown; to introduce us to the natural cycle of food production and uptake; and finally, it invites us to reflect on the act of sharing on a walk through different standing tables.

All this culinary legacy has been preserved in recipes, culinary techniques and utensils that show its simplicity and originality and at the same time the sophistication of our meals.

The dishes, seasoned with local products, distill knowledge passed down through generations that have been adorned with traditions and customs and that have remained written in recipes and cookbooks, the written history of gastronomy.

For all these values ​​of our gastronomic culture, during 2022 Menorca has been proclaimed European Region of Gastronomy.

Come on, we have a table set!

Curators: Montserrat Anglada Fontestad, Jaume Mascaró Pons and Pep Pelfort Sola


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