The Sunscreen exhibition is the work of the artists Víctor Masferrer and Maite Basterra.

In the words of the authors, "it is an interdisciplinary project that uses experimental photography to reflect on the relationship we maintain with our environment. Sunscreens serve as our basic motive: they are part of the so-called emerging pollutants, tons are dumped to the sea every year, conditioning the marine environment and in particular Posidonia. We want to focus on this problem and on an aspect that unites us with this plant: photosensitivity. Investigating different means to bring both realities into contact, the project seeks to express, through what is visual, everything that cannot be seen."

This exhibition is the result of the project that received the 1st Art and Contemporary Grant, endowed with €5,000, awarded by the IME in collaboration with Hauser & Wirth and the Menorca Museum, and with the support of the Menorca Biosphere Reserve Agency.