Petra. Contemporary approaches to Talayotic culture

8 artists propose different readings on how people, with their physical and symbolic actions, have given cultural value to stone.

The landscape of the island of Menorca, unique in the world for the survival of the enigmatic remains of almost 1,600 archaeological sites of the Talayotic culture, could not be understood without these millenary symbols that seem to have always been present.

"PETRA - Contemporary approaches to Talayotic culture" presents a group of artists who explore, from the era of technology and virtual reality, the monumentality of these remains of more than 4,000 years old to highlight the drastic change that concepts such as durability have experienced, heritage and landscape.

The exhibition offers his reading of the arbitrary act of placing the stone in the only way that nature can never do it: vertically. The group of artists that make up PETRA ("stone" in Latin) are: Arnulf Björndal, Cristian Herrera Dalmau, Francesc Torres, Gabriel Ruiz Larrea, Nuria Marqués, Paca Florit, Tonia Coll and Zulema Bagur.

The original idea of the project is by Zulema Bagur and the exhibition has the artistic curatorship of Marta Coll, the curatorship of production of Inés Garrell and the artistic support of Tónia Coll.

PETRA is an exhibition promoted by the Consell Insular de Menorca and has the support of the City Councils of Mahón and Ciudadela and the collaboration of Fundación Baleària, Hotel Heversac and the Balearic Government.