International Museum Day: The graphite on the mural paintings of Cap des Port (Fornells)

In the week we celebrate International Museum Day, we discover the wall paintings of the impressive basilica des Cap des Port de Fornells, a religious complex from the Byzantine era. In particular, we will look at the graffiti that the filigresos wrote on these paintings. Thanks to a study carried out on the graffiti of this set of paintings, we will learn about the translations of the texts, originally written in Greek and Latin, and we will get closer to the monastic community and the faithful Christians of the time who frequented the ancient church.

By Bartomeu Obrador Cursach, PhD in classical philology and researcher

Pre-registration starting May 10



> Wednesday, May 22, at 19.30 h

>Type of activity: Talk

> Duration: 1 hour

> Place of activity: Menorca Museum

> Audience: All audiences

> Price: Free activity (the full cost of this activity is borne by the Menorca Museum)

> The sign language service (LSC) can be requested a week in advance (in collaboration with the Foundation for Persons with Disabilities of Menorca).

> Requires prior registration through the following form or by calling 971 350 955




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