A Roman banquet by the light of the roman lamps

We will visit Espai Zero where we will learn what Roman lamps were like and how houses and other spaces were lit in Roman times. Then we will have a taste of Roman cuisine where we will enjoy some dishes that were consumed in Roman funeral banquets.

In charge of Sa Cooperativa del Camp de Menorca.



Wednesday August 28, at 7:00 p.m

> Type of activity:Visit and tasting

> Duration: 2 hours

> Place of the activity: Menorca Museum

> Audience: Adult audience

> Price: 9 euros

> The sign language service (LSC) can be requested a week in advance (in collaboration with the Foundation for Persons with Disabilities of Menorca).

> Requires prior registration through the following form or by calling 971 350 955.






Registrations open from 16/08/2024